Monday, July 30, 2012


I've recently been working with houndstooth. In looking at the fabric for so long I think I was entranced. I started to wonder about its origins and why we still love it so much. So I did a bit of research. I already knew the South loves it; or more specifically, any Alabama fan…Roll Tide! This is thanks to the long-time coach (and houndstooth fan) Paul Bryant. And I know of one celebrity who obviously can't get enough of it….
What were she and Salvatore thinking?
But where are the roots? In Scotland of course. Houndstooth, or dogs tooth, is an obviously crunked cousin of plaid.
Houndstooth was made huge in Australia by David Jones, an upscale department store started in 1838. The houndstooth is actually one of Australia's top ten favorite trademarks. Who knew?
Although I must say I associate houndstooth with much more classic imagery, like that of my great aunt's couch or my Gram's coat in the 60's.
Despite it's boldness I think there is a real sophistication to the print, and I love using it to balance my playfulness.

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