Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Artistic Inspiration

I read this great book a while back. Actually, there were more pictures in the book than words, so I should say I "enjoyed" a book. It is called A Year In Japan by Kate T. Williamson. She is an artist that lived in Japan once, just to experience it. The book was adorable. Her illustrations in it were so precious I have never been able to forget them. While I was putting together my most recent batch of hoodie hats the book popped into my mind and inspired me to create this new piece. I get so excited when I make a piece that has such an enormous inspiration behind it. Imagine, Kate had to go all the way to Japan, stay there for a year, write a book of illustrations about it, publish the book, wait three years for me to find the book in the library, then buy the book, then become inspired by the book's imagery six months later, and finally make a hoodie about it. (phheww!) These kinds of connections in the universe amaze me. There are two parts of the book in particular that this piece brings to mind. The first is a peeled mango on a stick. These can apparently be purchased from vendors in Japan. I think that's lovely. And what a genious way to eat a mango. The second inspiration comes from her pages about how beautiful she found the night sky to be. I wish I could remember her exact words. At least the imagery stuck with me enough to bring about another one-of-a-kind creation.
                 Picture by Kate

If you are intrigued at all about Kate her website is

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sharing is the Point

Florida Scarf went camping for the holiday. Boy, was it envigorating. It's been a while since I've been outdoors for 72 hours straight. Camping affords you the opportunity to really take it slow, stop and reflect on what your doing and what it means to you. While away this weekend I was reading a book to inspire reflection. I picked up a few ideas I couldn't put down. The author's intent is to make you realize that you are connected to everything that exists. The whole universe is played out inside you. Contemplation brought me to relate these large concepts to my small existance in society. I have these scarves that my creativity forces me to make. I am inspired by people that I meet, situations I am in, and materials I pick up along my travels. I take all of that information and turn it into something wearable. This piece of clothing is fashioned from new and old materials; blending history and the present tense to be enjoyed by someone in the near future. I will make a connection with a total stranger (most likely) through this art I produce. Imagining all of the life that goes in to just one piece is so exciting to me. This is why I want to make things for people, so we can all share the experience together.