Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring at Florida Scarf

Two weeks ago I introduced Florida Scarf to it's new community, US Army Europe's Katterbach Kaserne and it's Spring Bazaar. It was a great time. The event was three days, with vendors coming from all over. There were many interesting vendors and great entertainment. More importantly, I met so many people in my new community. I sold a lot of scarves, which is a bit rare in the month of March. I think this is a good sign for the business. The weather here is different than any place I've recently lived. Plus, the scarves are really fun to wear no matter the climate.
The Bazaar was held in the hangars on post. This was a fun location to sell at, for me. It was a novelty to work, for one weekend, in the same place where Phil normally works. He and his work buddies don't really share my sentiment, as they had to clear out for the event, and then clear back in when it was all over. But their effort is worth the trouble for the community.
I gave everyone that made a purchase a thank-you gift. It was a coupon for use at a later date. It will be interesting to see how many of those coupons come back. This will be the first major time I am tracking customer sales and word-of-mouth. Actually I have had two of the coupons come back already. So, maybe it is working :)
My sales ranged from young girls, to older woman. I am happy to see the broad customer range. This means I can keep producing garments in all fashions.
I also met a few people in a few different crafting/sewing circles. I hope to get together with them and start sharing ideas and tips.
Another aspect of this bazaar that found great was the entertainment. They had cheerleaders, a folk singer, and a local marching band. The town mayor even came out. My particular favorite was the Ansbach High School Jazz Band. As you know, I love Jazz. They were super. Their little-kid bodies made the instruments look so big. My booth was directly in front of the stage. It was glowing blue-black, like a real jazz lounge, and they were all dressed in black. The feet of the musicians were at my eye level. It is mesmorizing to watch everyone's right shoe tap in unison to the beat. It was groovy. My foot tapped too. I took their picture:
The event was hosted by The Ansbach and llesheim Spouses and Civilians Club. These organizations do an amazing amount of community service, both on-post and off-post. I am proud to be a member. I am glad I got to Germany early enough to make the Bazaar. I hope to participate in a few more like this, next Christmas Season.

In addition to this event, Florida Scarf has been busy with some special orders. As I mentioned last week, I did a scarf for a girl to wear with her soccer uniform. I also recently completed a hoodie for a dude in Hong Kong...
And a mother-daughter set for an Army Wife currently based in Hawaii, but moving to Maryland...

Friday, March 9, 2012

First Sale In Euros!!!

Good News! I have begun sewing in Germany! It felt great to get my machine out, and krankin', again. Because of the tenants that lived in this house before us, I met and enthusiastic local that's already a Flo Sca fan! Woo-Hoo. She plays soccer, and I made her a scarf with her team logo, nickname, and number. While I remembered to take a photo of myself celebrating my first stitches, I forgot to take a photo of my latest customer in her duds. Maybe she'll read this and send us something :) 
Anyway, I'm there are plenty more where that came from. I am also currently working on a special order for a guy in Hong Kong. And after that I've got a mother-daughter-monogrammed-matching-military combo. Maybe gone are the days when Florida Scarf was seasonal. Oh darn, and just when I was planning to travel my toosh off.
I've got the Bazaar this weekend too. Wish me luck!