Monday, February 28, 2011

Homefront Artistry Team Meet Up

My first time in a helicopter. I'm glad it stayed on the ground.

Every 2nd and 4/5th Monday I participate in a Blog Social. It is hosted by the Etsy Homefront Artistry Team. This week our captain, Deb, has posed a series of questions that I am delighted to answer.

1. Are you an Urban, Suburban, or Rural living fan?
I like this question. For me, then answer has changed a lot over the years. (and probably always will)
As of right now, the answer is suburban. I love having access to a city, without having to live there. I enjoy having a yard, but I love to go to shows, museums, concerts, and great restaurants.

2. Do any of the above types of places inspire the creative side of you?
I am most inspired by an urban setting. My work is influenced heavily by popular culture and diversity of America. These aspects are developed in cities. It's where you go to find out what is happening. Too much stimulation is provided not be inspired. I enjoy depicting modernity and how it influences life as I know it.
3. If you could live anywhere (jobs and money not a factor), where would you live?
(In order to answer this question I'd have to disregaurd my answer to the two previous questions.)
Jackson Hole. Log Cabin with a huge porch. My husband would fly heli-skiing and I would snowboard and make art. (wearable art and non-wearable art)

Now that I answered these questions I have to make an observation: I answered each question different. I am either indecisive or I love it all. I think I just love it all.
You are more than welcome to participate in this Social as well. (I'd love it if you did. Tell them Sarah sent you) Here is the link to the original post:
To learn more about the Etsy Homefront Artistry Team:
P.S. I am having a 25% OFF sale in my etsy shop. the coupon code is FLOSCA2010.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Fashion Show

On Friday, March 5, I will be participating in another fashion show. No, I'm not a model. No, Florida Scarf won't be there. This time I will be helping behind the scenes. I've got my black shirt and pants already picked out. This event is going to be a blast so if you're in the area you should come.
I'm really excited about the opportunity to volunteer again. Being in the military has given me a lot of opportunities to get involved with my communities. This event is going to be my favorite so far, I think. It's right up my alley. There will be about thirty models, and they all have more than one outfit. Their ensembles will be available for purchase after the show. Isn't that a great idea? The people putting it on have been hunting/collecting great pieces for the outfits for a year. I can't wait to see what they've found.
Shows are such an exciting way to get out for the evening. I think entertainment from thrift store fashion will be surprising too. It seems to be a trend experiencing resurgence. Thank goodness. Fashion is cyclical anyway. So why continue to make new stuff that looks like old stuff? Rock the old stuff.
I plan on bringing my camera to the dress rehersal and show. Hopefully I'll follow up with some great shots for you.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Nora Is Still B.A.

If there is one thing Florida Scarf is NOT known for, it's a "legacy of brutality." So when my friend Nora told me she wanted a MISFITS hoodie I was at a bit of a loss. Despite the lack of gory print fabric in my studio I decided to take the challenge. It is, after all, her thirtieth birthday and I felt the need to recognize the young punk still inside her. 
I love Special Orders. They are a great way for me to expand my creativity and supplies. It's the best excuse to shop. On a normal special order I make the customer five or six to choose from. Due to my extreme lack of MISFITS supplies I figured I was going to be lucky if I could put together one for Nora. The town where I'm living in Alabama isn't exactly a punk-rock shoppers dream so I had to resort to online shopping. I went straight to Ebay. YIKES. That website is crazy. Maybe I'm crazy because I had never tried it until a couple of weeks ago. I got out bid on every old t-shirt I tried to buy for four bucks. Go figure. I didn't want to learn how to compete on Ebay for one logo so I got creative. I decided to make my own logo and MISFITS illustration for the hoods. It worked out great. And I was able to come up with two! And she liked them both! I think her sister got one, score Rosie. The main components of the hoods were soft and cozy, black, white, and red fabric. (very punk rock) I then added some of my own personal touches like cool buttons, handmade patches, a bit of neon animal print, and a touch of camo. I was super stoked on the results.

This one had a super rad collar that I handmade and sewed in the middle. It can covers your face if need be. But it adds a lot of style I think.
See? The collar is camo on the reverse side. Killer, huh?

Isn't it so cute how the logo looks bloody? I'm sure this is her mother's favorite part.

This is the second hoodie. It's a bit more school girl prep-punk. (like those ninjas in Kill Bill II)

This one looks great in reverse with the fur on the outside.

Nora works all the time. So I had to mail the hoods to her job. She was pretty pumped when she got them, so she took a few shots of Florida Scarf on the job. I would have preffered a portrait with the water cooler, but a cubicle with two computer screens will do. She is such a Nerd!
Happy 30th Birthday Nora! You always were way more punk than me.

Sent from Nora's iphone. I gotta get one of those.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Crochet a Coral Reef

This is an absolutely amazing project that marries science and craft. It makes me proud to be a creative woman. It renews my interest in math. It also makes me wish I could crochet.

If you would like to get involved you can. Here's how:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's All Color Theory

EAT CAKE by S.C. Geraci
With devotion to my scarf business is how I spend most of my year. However, in these early months I spend more time painting than sewing. Painting allows me to think. It is no coincidence that I have also been reading a book on color theory. Many philosophies are discussed in the book. In order to understand and remember their meaning I relate them to my life. This book has taught me that color and business have some commonalities. I wanted to share my new revelation.

Creative entrepreneurship is like painting based on color theory. It is something dynamic we are trying to do based on static facts. You have a talent you would like to put to work. You do research and make a plan according to books and blog advice. You follow this plan, and heed advice, to the best of your ability. You struggle. It has been my experience that what ends up in triumph is not always what is supposed to work according to facts, statistics, and graphs.

Existence requires order. Red, yellow, and blue are primary colors. You know the rest. Existence also requires faith. At what point does it stifle your intuition to only follow rules laid out by others? Conventional approaches can be so dissatisfying. I say this because I really struggle with internet marketing. It was only innovative and creative for a second. We’re already saturated. It gives me gut-rot.

You are told how to match colors. This is like steps to plan a business. Color wheels are correct and business plans are valid. I know their laws and value them. But I also know that their broad application is another matter. A harmony needs to exist between them and what is in my brain and heart.

My book says that there are only about 30 legitimate color names, but in the mixing of shades and tones there are innumerable opportunities. I use this to validate the potential I have for success despite a disinterest in certain formulas to avoid failure. Over emphasis on the color wheel, and its rules, is like being in jail. To be a jailed artist seems an oxymoron. Break out. Don’t plug along according to what’s in the manual. Use what’s in your heart. Reference your imagination. Building a business with this mentality ensures your fulfillment.

In a painting you have stages. The beginning looks nothing like the end. The steps I’ve gone through as an entrepreneur are exactly the same. Allow me this simile.
The white of the blank canvas is a satisfying welcome. I plot the composition and start to block out color. Once the plans are laid they look great. This is when I’m most satisfied with my painting. I want to stop right there because I feel like it is so complete. The middle work of the painting is most aggravating to me. That’s when I have to employ color to build shapes with depth. I need to give the composition quality. I put in overtime getting shades and tone correct. If I don’t succeed it will throw off the entire intention I started with. (In this middle stage I have been known to gesso over the whole thing and start again.) After all this emotional distress the end near. This part is great. I sit back and admire the work. I go back in and tweak little colors here and there. I highlight certain areas I like. I bring balance to the canvas. Once the surface is all covered certain things that were so important in the beginning have disappeared. Adversely, other sections have taken new importance. The completed work is a balance of many things. It is the perfect compliment to my life.
“Color development follows its own laws.”
                                                    -painter Hans Hofman.

Based on COLOR CODES by Charles A. Riley II, 1995, University Press of New England

For an added bonus here is a game based on color theory:
Be careful, it's addicting.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011



Good news, winter is almost over. To celebrate Florida Scarf is having an online sale.
Enter the coupon code and recieve 25% off your entire purchase. Please share this great news with your friends.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mu Shu Wonton Cups

As of last Thursday the Chinese New Year is in full swing. If you haven't done anything to celebrate don't worry, you have planty of time. It doesn't end until the full moon on Friday, 2/18. On this final day is the Lantern Festival and it is celebrated at night. For ideas on how to celebrate see

The above photo is the finished project I did with the kiddies in my life. They colored in the pictures and mailed them to me. Phil and I really enjoyed getting them in the mail. It's a fun way to keep in touch.

Phil and I did a lot of celebrating this weekend. There were many events. This includes a super bowl party, of course. I made a pretty sweet appetizer that everyone loved. I'm sharing the recipe here:

24 wonton wrappers (in produce section of supermarket)
cooking spray
2 T. hoisin sauce
1 Cup diced chicken (or pork, tofu, whatever)
4 T. soy sauce, divided
3 T. water
1 T. sugar
1 T. toasted sesame oil
2 t. cornstarch
2 t. vegetable oil
3/4 Cup shredded carrot
3/4 Cup tiny chopped red bell pepper
3/4 Cup scallions (green onion)
extra scallions and sesame seeds for garnish

PREHEAT oven to 400 degrees.
SPRAY both sides of wonton wrappers with cooking spray. Tuck into muffin cups. (either mini muffin cups or regular sized) Bake 6-8 minutes, until golden.

MIX chicken (or whatever) with 2 T. hoisin sauce and 1 T. soy sauce. Set aside. In another bowl whisk 3 T. soy sauce, water, sugar, sesame oil, and cornstarch. Set aside.
HEAT oil in a skillet over med-high, add red pepper, carrot, and green onion. Cook 3 minutes, then add sauce mixture. Simmer until sauce thickens, about 1 minute. Add meat and hoisin sauce mixture. Simmer 1 minute more. Remove from heat.
FILL wonton cups with skillet mixture.
GARNISH with green onion and sesame seeds.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Miss Eggnog

Sorry about the title. I just had to get that off my chest.

I've left my sewing machine for a few months. I think a vacation is always an appropriate action, in whatever form. (Of course the machine always comes back out for special orders.) So for my "vacation" I've been exploring other artistic endeavors. Maybe you have seen some paintings I've recently completed. Maybe not.

I also decided to enter a photography show at my local art center. (Dale County Council of Arts and Humanities at The Ann Rudd Art Center) I am no photographer by any means, but I love the opportunity to hang my art in public spaces. The above shot is my submission. (sort-of. I'll have to get a shot of the complete work and post it too) This is half of the entry before it was framed.

How I came about this subject I find amusing. I was in  my studio listening to a podcast and organizing my fabric. I decided I needed more light so I went to the window to open the blinds. When I did this I saw the neighborhood cat curled up in some garden lining. The cat looked so cool, all wrapped up, napping in the sun. I thought, "what a great picture." Unfortunately, by the time I got the camera, went outside, walked around to the spot, and switched lenses the cat got up and left. Annoying! A real photographer would have known how to handle this situation. I went inside slightly disappointed. I went throught he house, for the next while, trying to see if I could stalk the cat to its next location. No luck. But when I went into my bedroom to look out that window, the blinds were still closed. I turned on the lights and noticed an awesome shadow on the wall. It's funny how that shadow is there the entire time the lights are on, but I've never noticed. I took a picture of one of the lamps.

My husband thought it was an odd entry. He and I are not on the same level artistically speaking. I loved the subject, just a lamp and its shadow. It's like a boy and his dog, or a biker and his beard. But I love the lamps.

I also think I am starting to love this cat.

Hasta Luego!