Friday, July 29, 2011

YIKES! Fall 2011

So I don't know about you, but my inbox is getting flooded with fall fashion previews. I can't believe it's that time already! As much as I adore cool weather clothing I'm slightly bugged-out becasue I haven't even taken my summer vacation yet. It happens to me every August. This year I've decided to take it in greater stride. I've compiled a slideshow of my favorites from the looks/trends I've seen thus far. Mind you, I'm no expert in this field (of fashion) as my degree lies in painting. But you may also enjoy what I have chosen.

I just have a few things to say here.
You may have picked up on some pink and some camo. These are trends I will always dig deep to find evidence in favor of.
Thanks to Dior for that amazing blue monster of a coat with pink sleeves.
Please note that crimson lips are the perfect compliment to an anorak jacket.
The color of your sunglasses must color coordinate with your entire outfit.
There is always a place in a woman's wardrobe for mens wear and power-dressing, especially when paired with a ridiculous hat.
Sonia Rykiel really fuleded Flo Sca's fire with that pink fur and plaid combo. Awesome.
I am thoroughly enjoying all the polka dots. How sweet.
That Gaultier chick with the matching luggage is a work of art.
Double snaps to the girl on the street who created a combo of polka dots and leopard print. Ambitious.
I would like to know if that yellow sweater from Jill Sanders has the hood attached to it. Maybe not. Further affirmation for Flo.
And lastly, how can you not adore the insanity that is those mixed prints with the retro inspiration?  

Florida Scarf marches to the beat of more than one of these trends this season. (I think so anyway :)
Want to see? Visit the album on the FB and let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Flo & B, Together Forever

Thanks to Tara Fereirra, Florida Scarf now has a fabulous array of authentic vintage fabrics, buttons, and trim to work with this season.

Tara is the most successful treasure hunter I know. Recently she caught wind of a clearance at a St. Augustine landmark. B's Yardstick was a shop full of sewing essentials in its day. Unfortunately, those days were numbered. In the late Seventies, B's closed. The doors remained shut until they recently sold the building. Everything had to go. Tara went in there and scarffed up the best of what B's had to offer, over 25 years later. Can you believe it? How often do things like that happen?It must have made for exciting shopping. I wish I could have been there. Obviously I wasn't, as I live in Alabama. Luckily, Tara is thoughtful and she put together a nice package for me. Here is what I've made from her finds so far.

I'm pretty pumped about these new pieces. It's interesting to me how different they all can be despite their similarities.As you're familiar, in the past many of my buttons have been vintage finds. I've never had the fortune to work with fabric though. It was so motivating to turn those hip retro prints into modern fashion accessories.

Here's a couple of shots of fabric that I haven't used yet, but it's on my list. Does it get any more obscure than vintage sports prints?

If you're stoked on the style of these pieces you might want to visit Tara's Blog or Website.


Friday, July 22, 2011


I've decided today to provide you with an anecdote. My hope is that it helps to get you through the last day of the week. I had a realization that I found amusing. I hope you do too.

I've had this book for a long time. A good friend of mine gave it to me one year for my birthday. It's called Bad Hair. Maybe you've seen it. Essentially it's a coffee table book with REALLY ridiculous pictures. Here is an example:

The other day I was getting something out of my closet and this book fell out. I hadn't looked at it in a while so I decided to thumb through it. What I realized is that a lot of these models show off their hair in the same way Flo Sca shows off its merchandise.

Is this a horrible coincidence or what? It made me rethink my product showcase for a minute. Then I started to take it to the next level. What if I used these old models to help display scarves?

Not bad for someone with minimal Photoshop skills, I think. Anyway, I'm sure these lovely ladies don't want me spoiling their headshots with these crazy scarves around their neck, distracting the viewer from the true beauty that is their hair, so I'll leave them be. Besides, ones like this girl have their own scarves :)

And ones like this guy don't even have a neck.
But this gentleman looked a bit chilly, so I gave him a hood.
"Grow a mustache Rook"

That's all for now.
Don't forget to stop by and vote in our Christmas In July Contest.
Tune back in next week when I'll be reporting (finally) on the great vintage finds that my friend Tara (from scored for me from the sale at B's. It's going to be insanely visually stimulating.
Have a great weekend.

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Photo Fun

Certain places in the world need their existence documented. The Rudd Art Center in Ozark is one of them. This building is my favorite in all of lower Alabama. The charm is unmatched by any other place I frequent. A lot of that has to do with the people there. But it is also due in part to the many treasures that are stored in all the rooms. The art center used to be a department store. Because of this there is still a bunch of merchandise in its upper level, as well as other depertment store paraphernalia. The lower level functions as our art gallery. In previous posts I haven given you a glimpse at the lower level, but this morning we will visit the upstairs. It is a vintage wonderland. About a month ago my photo friends and I went there and took some shots. Below is the result. The editing on these shots was 99% done by Laura. She does an amazing job.

The benefits for me, with a project like this, are two fold. I get to play with my friends and create some fun art while paying homage to landmark. But I also sneak in a few items for Flo Sca. Check out some of the product photography for my Etsy Shop.

Luckily for me Laura is great at editing and Chrissy is great at creating interesting poses. I am glas that this is a practice we have done multiple times. I learn so much from both of them.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Christmas In July

It's sweltering here in Alabama. And by the looks on The Weather Channel it's not the only place with extreme heat right now. In a counter attack to this situation I have been pouring myself into preparation for Etsy's Christmas In July Festivities. Lots of Etsy shops are participating by offering great sales. The sales event runs from 7/14 to 7/24. You can take advantage of the sale by entering CIJ or christmasinjuly in the search box. It's a killer way to support an independent artist/crafter and save a few $$$. Below I have highlighted some of my favorite items up for grabs at a discount.

'Christmas In July Sale Treasury' by scgeraci

This is a collection of some of my favorite items that are on sale this holiday.

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I myself am participating in the event. You can get 25% OFF Florida Scarf at
Just enter coupon code FLOSCA2010 at checkout.

Also in celebration of this blessed event The Etsy Homefront Team is having a contest. Our members have specially made items for Christmas In July. They will be posted to on our blog. Stop by, check them out, and cast a vote. The winner gets major bragging rights :)

Here's my entry:
Find this gem at
(this item is not on sale. sorry)

Creepy picture, huh? I've been working really hard to hone my Photoshop skills.

Happy Shopping!

Want to celebrate Christmas In July on your own? Here is a great place to start:

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hello All. I trust everyone had a great holiday.
This post will wrap up my features of new button retailers.
I bought a batch of buttons from my friend Isabel. They are handmade (and dyed) in Ecuador.
Isabel's Company is called Latin Art Jewelry. She specializes in Jewelry and accessories made from the tagua nut. These buttons are a Florida Scarf Exclusive, Lucky Me!
These earrings are a great example of the haindpainted designs. 
The tagua nut is actually a dried seed that comes from the tagua palm tree. You can see the process of the jewelry from tree to finished product on Isabel's site.
There are not two pieces of jewelry exactly alike, as they all have different designs and colors. Tagua nut jewelry is super resistant and the colors are just beautiful. All the jewelry comes directly from a little town located on the coast of Ecuador. The process of collecting the tagua nuts, designing, and selling the jewelry is the main economy for Isabel's hometown.
This is an example of how the jewelry can be purchase in gift sets.

I met Isabel here at Ft Rucker. We became great friends because I love her jewelry. I was super excited when she said her friends in Ecuador would make me buttons too. Isabel has since moved to Kennesaw, GA. Lucky you if you are in her area.
I have begun working with my tagua buttons already. In fact, I put one on the hoodie hat I made my mom for her birthday.
The butterfly in the center is tagua. cool, huh?