Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Introducing Michelle

The Florida Scarf production team welcomes Michelle. Truth be told, Michelle has been with the company from the beginning. She was our first model. She has traded her spot in front of the camera, for a spot behind a sewing machine.
Still a college student in Vermont, Michelle lives a carefree life. Her designs for Florida Scarf combine a love of art in nature and the excitement of youth. Michelle’s scarf style is Snowboard Magazine meets Bob Ross and they go get a beer and catch a live concert. I see her main inspiration as society and culture. She loves people, and you in particular. Let one of her scarves frame your face this season.

You can shop Michelle’s adventurous creations at http://www.floridascarf.com/

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Introducing Stacey

It is very interesting to see what an artist does when you take away their normal materials and replace them with something completely different. That's what happened to Stacey when she agreed to sew for Florida Scarf. She is a potter living in New Jersey. Normally her days are filled with wet clay on the potter's wheel, and hands stained from forming mugs and bowls. As of late she isn’t unloading the kiln, or in her garden either, she’s been behind the sewing machine. To see what she has done for Florida Scarf check the website. http://www.floridascarf.com/

Stacey loves her quiet time to herself. To know Stacey would be to spend an afternoon in her Victorian style home sipping coffee, or tea. The two of you would be in deep discussion about one thing, or another, as the late sun crept in through the window. Stacey brings simple, comfortable style to Florida Scarf. If you would like to learn more about Stacey and her pottery contact her directly.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Introducing Cassandra Helton

Just as before, I would like to announce that Florida Scarf is no longer a one-man band.  Some friends have joined to allow for more creativity and ingenuity in scarf manufacturing. Now instead of a single influence, our designs encompass the inspirations of five people from five different places on the planet.

This is Cassandra. She is a fashion designer and boutique owner. With her clothing line, Helton Hill, Cassandra breathes new life into awesome vintage finds. Her home and studio are located in Portland, Maine. Her boutique, The Closet, is in St. Augustine, Florida. Cassandra’s style has a sexy European vibe mingling with classic American vintage. Through Florida Scarf the artist has highlighted some of her favorite prints and paired them with bright and cozy fleece. At our website you can shop her vintage innovation.

Want more of Cassandra's solo work?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

what's it feel like

I've realized that I'm getting more and more excited about sewing scarves and a big part of that excitement is the energy I feel from people who are falling in love with them. When I showed them to my family they went nuts and it felt so great to be making something that makes people so happy. I wrote to Sarah to tell her about the scarf excitement and said she liked what I said...this is it ha "It was pretty funny, it was like I had some kind of magic cupcake that turned into whatever flavor you wanted each bite and they just couldn't get enough" I guess I don't know anything else to compare it to ha The more people who seem to love these little creations the more I believe we are doing more than just sewing scarves. The only thing I have ever been able to come up with is that we just love making them so much that it is almost like we are sewing love, beauty and all things wonderful into each one. It sounds sort of silly, but what else is it? To me, it seems that our passion for creating and loving life comes together and because we are so connected to what we love, we are able to make pieces that speak to other people (because who doesn't want to feel some love) :) The littlest things seem to be the most inspiring. The smiles I see (and the thought of people eating magic cupcakes) are more than enough to get me sewing...and actually motivating me to clean my apartment, finally go food shopping...write this blog...and lots of other things I seem to put off :) Maybe try it...notice what inspires you, notice what you feel deep in your heart and just let it out. Let other people feel it and see what happens...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Introducing Lauren

As mentioned earlier, there are more women sewing for the company than just me. This is the first installment of their introductions.

Welcome Lauren.  Most importantly, she is an abstract painter. Here is one of her paintings.

As in her painting, Lauren brings sweet serenity to Florida Scarf. Her purity is evident in the things she loves, like sunrises, yoga, sand in between her toes, and paint in between her fingers. She draws inspirations from living on the coast of Northern New Jersey. What we love most about Lauren is her offbeat sense of humor that erupts at the most unexpected moment. She adds this surprise and splendor to each of her designs. An example of which is featured below.

To shop more of Lauren's scarves go to http://www.floridascarf.com/

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Inspiration From Paradise Lost

Every piece that I create is one of a kind. Because of this I will often get special requests for hoodies, or scarves with very specific themes. The piece featured above is a perfect example of that. I recently created it for a friend who marvels in American Tiki. He is a man quite sensitive toward this lost culture and I had a lot of fun delving deep in its roots to make my first Tiki Man Hoodie.
My first step was to start combing thrift stores and yard sales. The goal was to find a remnant that once helped to shape urban polynesian style. Fortunately I didn't have to go any further than my nearest thrift store. There I found the perfect shirt, straight from Hawaii itself. As you can see I took the liberty of adding the tag to the design as proof of authenticity.

In looking for further inspiration for the hoodie's composition I came across interesting facts about the lost culture. For instance, it used to be that every major city in America had a Polynesian Palace. In the 20's and 30's primitive art was adored by artists of the avantegarde. The God Tiki was their muse. Even Picasso himself owned a Marquesan Tiki. The style of modern primitivism found mass appeal to the middle class after WWII. The whimsy and bohemian personality of the sub-culture really started to catch. So where did the suburban savage go? Apparently he turned into a "Parrot-Head." The 70's and Jimmy Buffet are attributed with the "watering down" of Polynesian style. The Tiki Bar started to get knocked by culture critics as an embarassing fad. And by the 80's it was over. Geez, what didn't the 80's kill?
So that's what I learned about Tiki, in a nutshell. Thanks to Seth for the incentive to do this.
"Suburban Savage"...has a great ring to it. Don't you think?

Friday, August 6, 2010

thoughts while sewing

I totally just thought I finished a scarf and realized my bobbin was out. When Sarah and I sewed together, we talked about how there should be some kind of warning before it happens. How nice would it be if you knew. We expect these things from machines because machines do everything...right? They are always trying to give us new features to make our lives easier. So we keep expecting more (and probably getting lazier and less patient while we are at at ha). I want to say I must be expecting less from life because instead of wishing for a "warning bobbin is out" noise coming from my sewing machine (how annoying would that really be), I laughed at myself and started thinking about how it connected to my life. What did it mean? What am I not seeing? Obviously this is some sort of sign and I should analyze this while I sew ha. I think I can turn anything into a sign, we all probably do in our own ways. Maybe after spending so much time with my sewing machine I really do expect too much if I think it should give me answers to life. The funny part, to me, is that I was sewing along thinking sewing scarves is like my therapy. It brings me into the moment. Sometimes I think too much, but mostly I just love creating and that makes me feel content and peaceful. It washes everything away. "This is so healing" I thought and then I realized my bobbin was out ha. Almost as if saying to me "so you want to be healed? Pay attention because I'm telling you everything you need. Just listen. You don't get a warning, but is it so hard to just start over?" my answer would have to be nope, not so hard. There is a pretty good chance it could be better the second time around anyway. It would also take a lot less energy to do that than to wish my sewing machine would give me things it doesn't. Like a warning that I don't really want to hear anyway.

Just in case you don't know what a bobbin is...this is the best way i could think to explain it. A bobbin is the spool of thread that gets hooked up with the thread in the needle every time the needle goes down. If you don't have a bobbin with thread on it, the needle thread doesn't have anything to go through the loop it makes and comes back up empty and you think you are sewing but nothing is hooking together...hope that makes some sense.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Season New Faces

Somehow August just doesn't feel as hot as July did. I'm thinking it's because I know Fall is that much closer. Please don't misunderstand me. I love summer and all it has too offer. But more than any one season I love the change of seasons. I find it quite refreshing and energizing. I've spent most of the summer sewing inventory for Fall and Winter and I am nearing a time where I'll be able to put it to good use. I'll be switching gears from production to marketing and distribution!

Florida Scarf itself is also going through its own metamorphosis this next season. In the past, the company has only showcased my work. This next season I'll be sharing this creative outlet with a few of my friends, Lauren, Michelle, Stacey, and Cassandra. These ladies will also be creating one of a kind scarves for our customers. With five people sewing one-of-a-kind pieces we'll have five times the ingenuity and influence on our mission. The new designer-specific scarves will be showcased and available for purchase through the website. It will all be up and running, ready for you, by September. In the coming weeks I will be introducing the new artists here. Stay tuned!

P.S.  Tonight I will be making peach ice cream in honor of the fact that it is still summer.