It was 2007 when I moved to St. Augustine, Florida. Despite all of it's sun, sand, and surf, this is where I sold my first scarf. In dedication to this early memory, I have named my company Florida Scarf.
I am originally from New Jersey. Back in that chapter of my life I worked at The Ski Barn. I'd make scarves for myself to work in all the time. I always thought the shop was cold. I needed to stay warm, but I didn't want to wear the same scarf all the time. I also couldn't wear a normal scarf, it would get in my way. So I made short scarves that buttoned around my neck.
In St. Augustine, I found a delightful community of people that loved scarves no matter the season. I haven't lived in St. Augustine since 2008, but I have been back to Jersey, to Pennsylvania, and now in Alabama! Everywhere I go I take Florida Scarf with me. We are always well recieved.
I currently have two models, a scarf and a hood. I design in all sizes.
Every piece is handmade by me and one of a kind. My creativity is behind each design, but I'll gladly accept requests. I have been known to make a scarf for a special occassion, a favorite sports team, and also from your favorite t-shirt.
I obtain supplies from everywhere. I love to travel, and so do my friends. Many of my supplies are from the far reaches of the globe, as well as interesting backyards. I work with new materials and old. It's nice to have fresh stuff, but it never hurts to give a shrunken sweater a second chance.
My inspiration for Florida Scarf truly comes from everywhere. (kinda like Floridians themselves) It's carefree, unique, nostalgic, sunny, colorful, modern, trendy, international, forever youthful, comfortable, friendly........
I could go on, but you get the point.
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I'm stoked that you stopped by the blog today. I trust you enjoyed your stay and are looking forward to a Florida Scarf all your own.
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