Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Heidelberg

This is Heidelberg Street in Detroit. It is the home of the Heidelberg Project, which is celebrating its 25th birthday. It is a living art installation (I say living because it continues to grow) started and maintained by Tyree Guyton.
As the story goes, Mr. Guyton came home from the war to find the street he grew up on abandoned. He couldn't stand to see it go to waste and become filled with crime. He decided to fight this grim destiny with decoration. It hasn't been easy, and he faced defeat many times, but it has been an artistic institution ever since. This one site draws over 270,000 visitors annually. It has also been an inspiration to the community, learning tool for the children, and a source of pride for Detroit.

I love this project. I think it is another example of the importance of art. It's not about one person's need to express themself. It's about art as a multipurpose tool; art as lifesupport.

I think Mr. Guyton is amazing. I think he takes art and does exactly what you are supposed to do with it. I am so happy for all the people whose lives he has affected in a positive way.

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  1. LOL. "What in the hell is all this?" That is so out of the box and pretty darn cool! Thanks for sharing!