Friday, January 13, 2012

We're Here!

Hey All. Just a quick check in for anyone curious as to how my past two days have been:

It's our first day in Germany. Thanks to a good sleep on the plane, Thursday easily turned into Friday for me. Unfortunately, Phil did not have the same luck. He went through an entire cycle of the 24 hr. bug. (I'll leave it at that.) As soon as the plane landed we were swooped on a bus headed to Ansbach. Amazing, it was a charter bus and we were the only two aboard. If it had been part of a plot to kidnap us I wouldn't have been surprised. The 3 hr bus ride was perfect for catching up on more sleep. We're finally at the hotel and Phil is napping again. It's been a long and confusing day, but everyone has been terribly nice. We even had some friends from Ft. Rucker to greet us when we got here. We were excited, and relieved, to see them. It's microwave soup for dinner and a book for the evening activity. There are flurries outside. I hope it is white when I wake up tomorrow.

One more thanks to my grandmom for getting herself a new scarf. I hope she posts another picture on her FB page to show us how it looks.


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