Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ludwig's Furs

In case you haven't heard this is my neighbor, Ludwig. No, not the guy on the right. That's my husband. My neighbor is the gentleman on the left. Ever since we moved to Germany he and his wife have been one of the highlights of our life. They have been key members of our social circle. They don't speak much English and we don't speak much German, but we get along quite well. They are always sharing tips and tidbits to help us make the most of our German experience.

Ludwig is, in my opinion, a real man of the Earth. He is hunting and fishing all of the time. When he goes on these local expeditions he brings back deer, boar, rabbit, trout, and any other catch to be found in the woods or lakes here. He also will pick berries and bring them home and his wife makes jams, or desserts. Just yesterday he went hunting and brought home some fresh flowers. They shared them with me.

This flower is called a May Bell, and it smells delicious.

The reason I am sharing all this information about my neighbor with you is because he has a decent collection of furs from his recent hunts. Together we thought I might be able to help him sell them on Etsy. If you, or anyone you know is interested here are the links:
These pelts are smaller and reasonably priced. They are perfect for someone just beginning to sew fur. Their size is just right for small projects like trim on a collar or a hand muff.
Ludwig hunts the animal population in the local woods, here in Ansbach, Germany. This has been his home for roughly 50 years.

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