Monday, June 4, 2012

German Supplies!

How dope are these buttons?
I'm really excited about them, and can't wait to use them on some new scarves.
They are handmade from clay that is handmade...right here in Bavaria. 
The artist is practically my neighbor. Her name is Hana Simsa. I met her at a Ceramic Artist Craft Fair this weekend. In Germany we call it a Topfermarkt
Hana and her husband dig up the clay, clean it, and then combine the different colors to get these great patterns. A LOT of work goes into their production. They had many objects made out of this clay. I feel lucky that they made something I can use - Buttons! Reasonably priced clay buttons can be a rarity; so I jump on them when I find them. 
I also picked this up for my mom. She is a ceramic artist as well. She also makes mosaics. I thought this flower would be cool in one of her pieces. Let's hope it makes it across the ocean in one piece.

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