Wednesday, August 18, 2010

what's it feel like

I've realized that I'm getting more and more excited about sewing scarves and a big part of that excitement is the energy I feel from people who are falling in love with them. When I showed them to my family they went nuts and it felt so great to be making something that makes people so happy. I wrote to Sarah to tell her about the scarf excitement and said she liked what I said...this is it ha "It was pretty funny, it was like I had some kind of magic cupcake that turned into whatever flavor you wanted each bite and they just couldn't get enough" I guess I don't know anything else to compare it to ha The more people who seem to love these little creations the more I believe we are doing more than just sewing scarves. The only thing I have ever been able to come up with is that we just love making them so much that it is almost like we are sewing love, beauty and all things wonderful into each one. It sounds sort of silly, but what else is it? To me, it seems that our passion for creating and loving life comes together and because we are so connected to what we love, we are able to make pieces that speak to other people (because who doesn't want to feel some love) :) The littlest things seem to be the most inspiring. The smiles I see (and the thought of people eating magic cupcakes) are more than enough to get me sewing...and actually motivating me to clean my apartment, finally go food shopping...write this blog...and lots of other things I seem to put off :) Maybe try it...notice what inspires you, notice what you feel deep in your heart and just let it out. Let other people feel it and see what happens...

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