Monday, February 28, 2011

Homefront Artistry Team Meet Up

My first time in a helicopter. I'm glad it stayed on the ground.

Every 2nd and 4/5th Monday I participate in a Blog Social. It is hosted by the Etsy Homefront Artistry Team. This week our captain, Deb, has posed a series of questions that I am delighted to answer.

1. Are you an Urban, Suburban, or Rural living fan?
I like this question. For me, then answer has changed a lot over the years. (and probably always will)
As of right now, the answer is suburban. I love having access to a city, without having to live there. I enjoy having a yard, but I love to go to shows, museums, concerts, and great restaurants.

2. Do any of the above types of places inspire the creative side of you?
I am most inspired by an urban setting. My work is influenced heavily by popular culture and diversity of America. These aspects are developed in cities. It's where you go to find out what is happening. Too much stimulation is provided not be inspired. I enjoy depicting modernity and how it influences life as I know it.
3. If you could live anywhere (jobs and money not a factor), where would you live?
(In order to answer this question I'd have to disregaurd my answer to the two previous questions.)
Jackson Hole. Log Cabin with a huge porch. My husband would fly heli-skiing and I would snowboard and make art. (wearable art and non-wearable art)

Now that I answered these questions I have to make an observation: I answered each question different. I am either indecisive or I love it all. I think I just love it all.
You are more than welcome to participate in this Social as well. (I'd love it if you did. Tell them Sarah sent you) Here is the link to the original post:
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  1. I don't think you're indecisive at all...or if you are then I am too, haha. Different places have different cultures which inspire different aspects of my creativity. I haven't been to Jackson Hole but all it took was one drive through WY on the way to visit my parents in MT to inspire my husband and I to start looking for property there, lol. I think if we had the money we would have about 10 homes all over the world :)

  2. I love your thoughts on living in an urban setting. And I also love that you basically are adaptable in any setting; sure makes it easier to be a military wife!