Monday, September 5, 2011

Sarah & Phil Had a Little Lamb

My husband and I celebrated our six year wedding anniversary this weekend. This is the token picture we took to mark the occasion. In years past we have always done something fabulous on this date to commemorate the fabulous event that was our union. This year that just wasn't possible. So we decided to stay home and cook dinner together. This would be the most logical of options given our circumstance. Both my husband and I LOVE to cook, and we do a great job.
I wanted to try something different on the grill. So we went to our butcher and picked out some great looking lamb chops. We were excited for this new challenge. Phil is amazing on the grill and I'm creative in the kitchen. We wanted to keep it as simple as possible so we wouldn't screw it up.

We made a simple marinade of red wine vinegar, fresh oregano, olive oil, and lots of garlic.

We put half the marinade on the meat, and the other half on some cherry tomatoes. We grilled the tomatoes also and put them on top.

We grilled potatoes too. Who wants to do dishes on your anniversary dinner? We kept these simple too, just olive oil, fancy salt and pepper, and fresh thyme.

Oh, we sauteed some swiss chard because we can never have enough vegetables.
In addition to topping the lamb chops (which were like little lamb porterhouses) with the roasted tomatoes we added feta cheese and red onion slices. It looked so good.

(Taking pictures of our food has become standard practice. Our butcher enjoys putting them on his website and FB page.) 

The weather has cooled off a bit so we took this dinner to our romantic back porch and opened a bottle of Cabernet. It was the perfect setting to enjoy this meal. And as we sampled our fine the fine company of the one we love....with a delicious glass of wine....and a cool breeze....and candle light.... it became apparent... that we don't like lamb.
It cracked me up. I never saw it coming.

At least we still like each other!
We wrapped up dinner with an extra helping of dessert. We kept that pretty traditional, spicy dark chocolate brownies and french vanilla ice cream. We also had a dreamy conversation about all the fabulous places we will celebrate in, when we move to Europe :) 


  1. that looks to die for. When's dinner?

  2. Awww... What a cute story!! Too bad you guys weren't big fans of the lamb. Happy belated Anniversary to one if the BEST couples I know!!! I hope you two had a lovely long weekend together! :-)