Thursday, December 29, 2011

Placemats and Scarves

The holidays are still upon us. Mine are still as crazy as ever. (in a good way) I hope yours are too. It's been about a week since my last post. I'm glad to be checking in.
This is a shot of the last thing I have created.

Can you believe it? This was on 11/27, that's almost a month. I haven't painted, sewn, drawn, or anything. Cooking has been my only creative outlet, and I've only done that once or twice. Moving is hard work. I can't wait to be settled back in a place I can call my own.

Anyway, these are some placemats I made for my grandma. Each placemat is a different composition of the same fabrics. I just gave them to her yesterday. They look great around the table, and it's fun to choose who-gets-what.

Being back home is pretty fun. I've been checking out my old artwork that I left here. If you guys are lucky I'll post some archives in the near future. It makes me long to paint again, so much. It'll be a couple of months before that happens though. I'll have to start focusing on photography maybe.

Here's a few shots of some scarves I've been carrying with me. I never had enough time to get them on the Etsy Shop. There are about 30 pieces that happened with. Oh well. There is always the next Bazaar. It'll be in Germany!

Enjoy your New Year. I'll be in touch soon.