Monday, February 6, 2012

First Snowboard Trip! Yay!

Good morning Oberjach, Germany!
Phil took this photo as we were stepping off the bus. He thought it looked cool, like there was a rocket and an explosion behind the mountain. I agree.
We had a blast this Saturday. Our snowboard trip was a dream. As I said in the journal, the mountain wasn't very big, but that made it really managable. The runs were wide, and long enough, and the snow was great. A few times we were lucky enough to find ourselves off the trail. We made some fresh tracks of our own. This is something that would be a rare treat at home on the East Coast.
It was freezing. We were really glad to both have down jackets. I, of course, had handwarmers in my gloves and pants pockets. I think the temp was -15 Celcius, not for the faint of heart. Luckily, most of the mountain was covered in T-bars. So we got a workout on the way up and down the trails.
We got a respectable number of runs in before closing the day in typical fashion... at the bar. We needed to reward ourselves for such a successful day. We had a couple of beers and an apple streudel. The bartender was also nice enough to share a local favorite with us. It's a liquor called Enzian. It is made from some local plant with purple flowers. It reminded me of tequila. As much as I love tequila (in moderation) I don't think I'll be enjoying anymore Enzian in the future.
The bus ride home was great. I got to chatting with some folks that were on this same trip. They were giving me the low-down on some killer second-hand and antique shops in my area. I can't wait to check them out.
And on the snowboarding front, we are looking forward to (hopefully) joining another trip in two weeks to Switzerland. Stay tuned :)
To see more pictures of Germany visit our FB photo album.To read more about our weekend visit the journal.

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