Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fan Photos

In the five years that I have been selling scarves on Etsy I have never had a happy customer (or an angry customer for that matter) post a picture in the feedback section. In fact comments on my feedback page were so rare, I used to never check it. Recently it seems that spot has been gaining in popularity. In fact, just two weeks ago I had someone actually post an appreciation photo. I was so excited. I shamelessly begged to be allowed to put it on my FB page. So of course I had to start a new album for it.
I have had friends, and relatives, take pictures in my creations before. And I have posted them on the FB before, but until now it has never dawned on me to put them in an album. Please do not ask me why. I guess as the years go on, and I grow up, I continually do things that make more sense. I wonder, if it had not been for Mari from Finland, how long it would have taken me to do this. So, thank you Mari, and sorry to everyone that preceded Mari whose photos will remain floating down the river that is the "Wall Photos" album.
If anyone else is interested, my Etsy feedback and email inbox are always open for customer appreciation photos and comments. I'll take as many as I can get. It's not always easy to remain positive about your work when it is a materialization of your creativity. I think it is part of the human instinct to be self loathing. It never ceases to amaze me how nervous I get about posting new items in the Etsy shop, bringing items to a retailer, or showing at a bazaar. Every smile I get, and compliment I get, go a long way. These gifts for outshine any negativity I've ever received, and they are (totally) why I still do what I do. I have so much fun making scarves and sharing them with other people.

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