Sunday, October 21, 2012

Silly Little Crafter...

This trick's too easy for you....
There's nothing like a picture of my bathroom, front and center on my blog, to make Sunday that much more awkward. I apologize, but I wanted to share this turbo-easy art project I completed in about twenty minutes.
The bathrooms in Germany are huge. I had a big empty wall constantly staring at me as I entered mine. I've been dying to jazz it up, but couldn't figure out how. After a few separate shopping trips I had an epiphany. I would wrap fabric around a canvas and hang it with sticky hooks. Eureka!
I'll admit, that this project was a bit easier for me than it might be for some. I am always shopping for fabric; so finding a light fabric, with an amazing print, at half-off pricing comes naturally to me. I got this material, on my last trip home, at Joann Fabrics. I think I paid $3.00 per yard. The size of your canvas is going to determine how much fabric you need.
Then there's purchasing a large canvas. The Aldi near me is currently selling art supplies. (along with produce, health and beauty products, cookies, candy, and anything else that falls off the backs of trucks) I got this canvas, that measures roughly 2ft by 3ft, for $10.00. It's not high quality, but we're not painting on it. The cheap canvases are perfect for hanging with sticky hooks because they weigh nothing.
You'll also need a staple gun with small staples. I happen to already have one. If you don't you could probably complete the project with glue, but it will take longer and be more annoying. (for sure)
Here's how the project looks right before you get down to business. You've got your fabric face down. It has been cut with two extra inches of fabric sticking out on either side. The edges have been folded over once and ironed down. This will give you a clean edge on the back that won't fray. The canvas is face down on the fabric. From here you simply staple the fabric to the back of the frame of the canvas. I recommend starting in the center of one edge, giving it one staple. Then move to the opposite edge and give it a staple in the center. Then do the two other opposing sides in the same manner. You go around the frame, stapling the alternating sides, working from the center out. (This is how the pros do it.) When you are nearly done, you'll have to tuck the corners as if you are making a bed and give them an extra staple. As you work around the canvas be sure you are pulling the fabric taught, but not too tight.
Once it is complete it is ready to hang. Below is a close up of the sticky hooks I used. They are pretty small. I would have preferred slightly larger hooks, but this was all the PX had. Buy whichever ones you can find. Stick them on your wall and hang your canvas on it. I used three hooks to keep my picture hung.

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