Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kids Vintage

This is a photo of some of my favorite retro cookbooks. I rarely cook from them, but I love them. Actually, I draw more inspiration for painting or sewing from these pieces than for food. The next shot is one of my favorite pictures.

Isn't that a riot? Something about the late 50's/early 60's is so appealing to me, a 21st century girl. I love using themes and trends from time past to create a lot of my hoods and scarves. The trick is taking theses characteristics and using them ever so slightly to add vintage flair to a modern piece. Sometimes I start with the button, but in this case I've found some killer fabric.

This red mini-floral reminds me of cherry pie and cola in a bottle. The red, white, and blue is also very Americana.

I found this plaid print in the bottom of my gram's sewing closet. That is about as legit-vintage as it gets. I can't help pairing plaid with another repetitive print. I need contrast.

So I've got my materials and I'm ready to sew the pieces. But I'm thinking to myself, "What is more cute than a retro hoodie hat?"
"Duh, a kid's retro hoodie hat."
Anything in a tiny version makes me melt. So what this adventure of inspiratrion turned into was a pair of kids hoods. I couldn't imagine anyone in 1961 actually wearing one of these, but it makes sense now.


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