Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vacation Inspiration

I spent Labor Day weekend celebrating my fifth anniversary, in Napa Valley, California. I knew it is gorgeous there, but I wasn't ready for how gorgeous it is there. To sum it up, my husband and I had the best time. As you can see in the photo we stayed in perfectly rustic, and romantic, lodging. Yes, it does still exist, going by the name Mountain Home Ranch. I fell in love with the scenery and lifestyle. When I got home, I had to put together some fabric combinations inspired by the trip. For me it's a form of journaling, or remembering the trip. I want to render the surroundings of California through my scarves.

So a few of the pieces shown above were influenced by Napa, but there are two outstanding ones on the right. They are my San Fransisco ones. What a great city that was. We only spent one afternoon there, but it was enough to be inspired by the bridge, signs on Market Street, and the bloody mary bar at Hobson's!

California had so much to offer it was hard to some-up in a single style of scarf. The pieces inspired by this trip will be as varied as the offerings of California. By the way, I think the climate in California was made with a Florida Scarf in mind. In Napa, it was so chilly early and late, but warm in the middle. Likewise, San Fransisco runs about 10 degrees colder than its surrounding towns. I was glad to have my favorite fashion accessory. My neckwarmer was cuddly when I needed it, and tucked into Phil's pocket when I didn't.  

Stay tuned to my etsy account to see my Cali-Florida Scarves for sale!

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