Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Savage Dorothy

For every single piece I make there is inspiration. For this particular hood I really started to daydream...

What if, when Dorothy got knocked unconcious she didn't go to Oz? What if she went somewhere more exotic? Instead of ruby slippers she would wear this hood. It may be slightly less glamorous, but it is much more practicle. It helps her to blend in with her new environment. The inside bears the gingham of her former clothing, as well as a magenta leaf print to help her assimilate into the new culture. The brown sweatshirt keeps her warm. Since this wild, new world is mostly dirt and trees the color acts as a camoflage also. Pulling the hood up over her head hides her lovely feminine features. She must remain as hidden as possible for fear of being held prisoner. She will pull the drawstring tight. Not only does her hood have two buttons for secure fastening, but it also has mini nuts and berries that she can use as a food source. Eventually her adventure will wind down and Dorothy will be ready to go home. All she will have to do is wear her hood in the reverse. In doing this, the brown will be on the inside and her bright prints will be on the outside. Once the savages realize her identity she can teach them about both worlds through the fabric. She will be freed through the sharing of knowledge.

 "One should never underestimate the inspiration of eccentricity." 
I appologize for not knowing who said this line. But i am using it to end this post today since I feel a bit silly for what I have written. I had fun doing it though, and I hope you had fun reading it. If you love this hood it is for sale.

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